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#HK PS70
Pro Stock Drag Racing of the 1970s Photo Archive
Howard Koby has done it again -- this time he does a Pro Stock book for the fans of 1970's doorslammers. This book is full of color photography featuring all the favorites of Pro Stock in its glory days; "Dandy" Dick Landy, Sox & Martin, Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins, plus tons more of the best from the era. This book is a must-have for those who can't live without wheels up, gear bangin' drag racing like it was meant to be.
232.00 + Shipping.

Item # 1201 DF 01
John Force - Destination Force Episode 1
Inspired by the life of 15-time NHRA Funny Car Champion John Force, created by Jule Selbo, Ashley Force Hood, and Bob Engels.
Illustrated by Doug Sirois and lettered by Curt Gaiser, this comic book is certain to be a sought-after collectible.
Copyright 2011
$9.95 + shipping.

Item # 1201 JF
John Force - I Saw Elvis at a Thousand Feet
He's been called drag racing's most colorful can charismatic personality. He's won more NHRA National events in funny car than anyone, including Don Prudhomme. He's been upside down, on fire, end over end, and wouldn't have it any other way. He's John Force, and he's never at a loss for words.
This book takes a candid look at the quarter-mile legend and samples of some of what he's had to say along the way.
Copyright 1995
$8.95 + shipping.

#1712 T350
GM Turbo 350 Transmissions
Automatic transmissions are a mystery to most builders and hobbyists. Even if you end up having a professional take care of your transmission repair and performance needs. Author, Cliff Ruggles, goes through important information in this book that is crucial to your understanding of how the power gets from the engine to the road.
Copyright 2015
$22.95 + Shipping.

Item # 1406 Big Block
How to Rebuild the Big-block Chevrolet
Softbound book by Tony Huntimer.
How to Rebuild the Big-block Chevrolet covers the best techniques for rebuilding the renowned 366, 402, 427, and 454ci big-block engines. Through 500 color photos and extremely detailed instruction , author Tony Huntimer, takes you through step-by-step procedures and explains professional techniques for rebuilding those engines. With high-performance upgrades covered as well, this volume provides an unparalleled level of information for rebuilding a big-block Chevy.
160 Pages
Copyright 2009
18.95 + Shipping.

Item # 1204 SBPIM
Chevy Small-block Parts Interchange Manual
By Ed Staffel
Even though the first and second-generation of small-block Chevy engines have been on the market forever, there is still a confusing array of configurations that this engine has been released in over the years. This helpful book includes information on cranks, rods, cylinder heads, intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, ignitions, and more. The casting and serial number identification guides help you through the myriad of available parts in salvage yards, swap meets, and on the Internet.
Copyright 2010
$19.95 + shipping.

Item # 1111 RM
Rusted Muscle - A Collection of Derelict Dream Machines
Author Steve Magnante has gone to great length to seek out many old junkyards across America and find examples of classic muscle cars from all the great domestic manufacturers. Enthusiasts see these cars as potential projects for parts sources, and de-codes the vehicle trim tags or VIN numbers to determine how the cars were originally optioned, and shares some history of each make and model shown. Part dream, part art, Rusted Muscle is like a fun and fascinating walk through the country's wrecking yards with an expert spotter.
This is a great, unique book for any muscle car enthusiast.
25.95 + shipping.

Item #1208 AAW
Advanced Automotive Welding
By Jerry Uttrachi.
Advanced Automotive Welding features American Welding Society President Jerry Uttrachi as he reveals all major welding processes and techniques so you can weld to repair and fabricate with advanced materials. TIG, MIG, Oxyacetylene, and stick welding techniques are illustrated for a wide range of automotive applications. Projects include roll cage, subframe connectors, floor pans, and many others.
This will make a great book for anyone looking to better their welding skills.
Copyright 2012
$26.50 + Shipping.

Item # 1402 BH
How to Build Horsepower
Softbound book by David Vizard
This informative how-to book explains the latest and most effective working practices, techniques, and strategies for building a high-performance automotive engine of any type. Author, David Vizard shares his methods, insights, and secrets, so you can select the best combination of components and turn his special engine-building knowledge into big horsepower numbers. If you're building a serious, high-performance engine for the first time, you need this informative book.
144 Pages
Copyright 2010
18.95 + Shipping.

Item # 1407 SMC
How to Rebuild the Small-Block Chevrolet.
Softbound book by Larry Atherton & Larry Schreib.
Like any motor, almost every small-block Chevy will eventually need to be rebuilt, whether you're restoring a vintage Corvette or building a Pro Touring Camaro. In this updated and revised version of a book that's become the industry standard, the authors show you how to successfully rebuild your small-block Chevy. Features over 600 photos and step-by-step sequences. The authors will also show you how to perform performance upgrades including cam, heads, ignition, and more.
160 Pages
Copyright 2009
15.95 + Shipping.

#1712 CD1012
Chevy Differentials - How to Rebuild the 10- and 12-Bolt
In this step-by-step guide, Author Jefferson Bryant explains and shows ho tto disassemble, identify inspect, select parts for, and reassemble the axle assembly. Whether your ride is for high-performance street, off-road, street/strip, or racing, Chevy 1-and 12-bolt axle assemblies are the top choice for GM and non-GM muscle cars and trucks.
Copyright 2015
$22.95 + Shipping.

Item #JH-01
Jerry Heasley's Rare Finds - Rediscovering Muscle Car Treasures
By Jerry Heasley
Rare, super high-performance and historically significant muscle cars and sports cars have been spotted in garages, resting in pastures, sitting in parking ramps and many more inusual places. Whether it's fate, solid research, or pure luck, Jerry Heasley brings each collector car quest to life with vivid and compelling detail. This compendium of stories includes iconic cars such as the '70 Shelby GT 350, '64 Shelby Daytona Coupe, '69 Ford Torino Talledega, '69 COPO Camaro and many others.
A great book that proves there is still hope for you to come across that rare barn find.
$29.75 + Shipping.

Item # 1203 ABR
The Complete Guide to Auto Body Repair
By Dennis W. Parks
From tools and materials to tips and techniques, this book is the perfect resource when dealing with bumps, bangs, and bruises your car will inevitably encounter. Author Dennis W. Parks begins by showing you how to create a repair strategy, then moves you through the auto body repair process itself, from disassembly to repair, reassembly, and paint preparation.
Copyright 2008
$23.95 + shipping.

Item #1201 JFC
Official 2012 John Force Racing Calendar
This a must-have for any John Force Racing fan. The 2012 calendar features great photos of all the JFR members. From on-track action shots, to candid pit images; it's all here. This 11 X 9.5-inch calendar will look great in any home, office, or garage, and leaves plenty of room to mark down important dates if you so choose.
$5.00 + Shipping.

Item #CNCB 007
Church - Cars, Not Culture
Lucky Number Seven
Coby Gewertz' latest entry into his "little" magazine empire is fittingly titled Lucky Number Seven as this is his seventh 'zine of his collection. This time out Coby focuses on the artistic talents of his brother Marc Gewertz. Marc has been working as an NHRA staff photographer for well over a decade and has honed his skill behind the lens shooting some of the fastest cars on the planet. This book of mostly stationary automotive subjects may seem as a bit of a departure for the seasoned motorsports photographer, but in this limited edition, hand-numbered book, he shows his ability to capture the essence of artistic detail in vintage tin that an average person might not take a second look. Enjoy this passionate collection of classic images through the lens of one of the greatest automotive photographers of our time.
Order yours today as this book is sure to sell out soon.
$11.00 + Shipping

Item #TSB 06
Tex Smith's Roaring Roadsters #2
By Don Radbruch
Back in the '30s and '40s Track Roadster Racing was an exciting and often a dangerous form of auto racing. Compared to today's standards, the cars were crude and ill-handling, but many consider that to be the attraction. Held in hundreds of tracks all over the country, roadster racing was extremely popular - it was all the rage. This book covers those race tracks and features hundreds of rare photos from all over the country. This is a great book for the Track T Roadster enthusiasts and for those looking for useful historical information.
22.95 + shipping.

Item #TSB 08
Building Guide for Basic Hot Rods
By Tex Smith
Building Guide of Basic Hot Rods is not so much a how-to hot rod manual, but more of a book designed to give you ideas on how to build your own hot rod. Going back to the roots of the hot rodding hobby, this book covers retro-rods, nostalgia rods, and rat rods. This fantastic collection of photos and information will help you design your hot rod to your own personal specifications. This is a great book for those looking for ideas on how to get started in hot rodding.
22.95 + shipping.

Item #TSB 09
Text Smith's How To Draw Cars
By Dennis Krist
Dedicated to those who have an abundance of imagination and have taken a pencil and created a two-dimensional image of an automobile. Start from scratch to design and draw Hot Rods, Dream Cars, Customs, Racers, Cut-aways, Cartoons, and more. You'll see works from some of the best in the business including Dennis Arthur Hoyt, M. Randall Mytar, Randy Owens, Kane Rogers, Nicola Wood, Tom Hale, Jerry Aldous, Dave Bell, Kenny Youngblood, Thom Talylor, David Kimble, Bob McCoy, Lance Sorchik, Larry Erickson and many more.
A great book for anyone looking to get started in drawing cars.
22.95 + shipping.

Item #1208 DEJ
Dale Earnhardt Jr. - Standing in the Shadow of a Legend
By Larry Cothren featuring photographs from the archives of Circle Track and Stock Car Racing magazines.
Dale Earnhardt Jr. - Standing in the Shadow of a Legend is the story of Little E's rise from a kid playing with cars to one of Winston Cup's rising stars. Stunning photos from Nigel Kinrade and original text by Larry Cothren capture NASCAR's most popular driver today. This book features over 150 pages and will make a great collectible for any Earnhardt Jr. fan.
Copyright 2003
$21.50 + Shipping.

Item #CNCB 006
Church - Cars, Not Culture
Picture This
Coby Gewertz is always working hard at new books and shirt designs, so it's only fitting on his sixth book, "Picture This," he hands over the camera reigns to the Goodguys Gazette editor-in-chief, Kirk Jones. Jones walks every inch of Goodguys shows with camera in hand. He's one of those photographers who has the ability to find the most artistic aspect of any given hot rod. You'll find an amazing collection of artistic photographs throughout this limited edition, hand-numbered mini-book.
So, order yours now as this book will sell out soon.
$15.00 + Shipping.

Item #CNCB 004
Church - Cars, Not Culture
In Coby Gewertz' fourth 'zine, he relys on only himself for the genuine artistic content. Gewerts' ability to see beyond the mind's eye, enables the lens capture his unique interpretation of his subject.
Once more this is a limited edition (only 3,000 printed), 6"x 6" hand-numbered book that won't be available for long, so don't miss out on this artistic version of Cars Not Culture.
It's just one more 80 pages that will be the subject of conversation as it sits on your coffee table.
Forward by Coop on the legend that is Evel Knievel.
$15.00 + Shipping

Item #CNCB 003
Church - Cars, Not Culture
Numero Tres
In Coby Gewertz' third 'zine, he once again turns the lens over to someone other than himself. Juan and Jesus Espinoza give you their artistic, focal take on Rod and Custom car photography. Their skills and talents give a unique view of some subtle, and some not-so-subtle nuances of custom car imagery.
Again limited edition (only 3,000 printed), this 6"x 6" hand-numbered book won't be available for long, so don't miss this opportunity to focus on some of the most creative cars built by some of the most famous and some not-as-famous custom car builders of today.
It's another 80 pages that you'll pick up over and over again. It's just that good!
Forward by Jim Aust in dedication to the late and great Wally Parks.
$15.00 + Shipping

#1712 CDG
Chevelle Data and ID Guide 1964-1972
From 1964 to 1972 more than 4 million Malibus, Chevelles, El Caminos, and Monte Carlos were produced in dozens of configurations, creating a host of questions when it comes time to accurately restoring a project car. With this book, identifying the correct option and codes for your Chevelle becomes much easier. Each chapter answers the question as to whether or not your Chevelle was a factory SS model. Author Dale McIntosh put together 239 pages of useful information about every Chevelle model.
Copyright 2016
$22.95 + Shipping.

#1712 CHE
The Cars of Harley Earl
Harley Earl's contribution to automotive design cannot be underestimated and his legacy casts and enduring shadow over American automotive design. Veteran Automotive historian David W. Temple has researched and unearthed the complete story of Harley Earl's cars, his notable design achievements, and the legendary cars in this fantastic 188-page hardcover book. With amazing color and black and white vintage photo, this book is a must-have for those seeking automotive history.
Copyright 2016
$37.95 + Shipping.

Item #1208 MCH
How to Make Your Muscle Car Handle
By Mark Savitske
How to Make Your Muscle Car Handle author Mark Savitske explains suspension geometry and engineering, then shows how to make classic cars handle like, or better than, new cars. Learn what sway bars, subframe connectors, A-arms, shocks, subframes, and complete suspensions systems would be best for your classic muscle car.
This is a fantastic book for those wanting to learn about what it takes to get their car to handle with the best.
144 Pages
Copyright 2011
$21.50 + Shipping.

Item # 1112 HPBS
High-Performance Brake Systems - Design, Selection, and Installation
By James Walker Jr.
High-Performance Brake Systems - Design, Selection, and Installation gives you the knowledge to upgrade your brakes the right way the first time. Author James Walker, Jr. doesn't just tell you what to do - he uses over 330 photos and plain English to help you understand how and why your brake system works, what each of the components does, and how to upgrade your brakes for improved performance.
This is a great book for anyone interested in performing a brake upgrade or general maintenance.
24.95 + shipping.

Item # 1112 HPFI
Designing and Tuning High-Performance Fuel Injection Systems
By Greg Banish.
Following his best-selling title, "Engine Management; Advanced Tuning, author Greg Banish goes in-depth on the combustion basics of fuel injection as well as benefits and limitations of standalones. Learn useful formulas, VE equation and airflow estimation, and more. Also covered are setups and calibration, creating VE tables, creating timing maps, auxiliary output controls, and start-to-finish calibration example with screen shot to document the process.
This is a great book for anyone interested in designing and tuning high-performance fuel injection systems.
22.95 + shipping.

Item # 1407 RC
How to Restore Your Camaro: 1967-1969
Softbound book by Tony Huntimer.
In How to Restore Your Camaro: 1967-1969, author Tony Huntimer provides insightful, hands-on guidance and actual step-by-step procedures for restoring a first-generation Camaro to its former glory. Instead of paying exorbitant amounts of money to have a shop do the work, this book delivers professional-grade information for an at-home restoration so enthusiasts can perform a factory-accurate and detailed restoration within an affordable budget.
176 Pages
Copyright 2010
18.95 + Shipping.

Item # 1402 STLS
How to Supercharge & Turbocharge LS Engines
Softbound book by Barry Kluczyk
In this informative how-to book, supercharger and turbocharger design and operation are covered in detail, so you have a solid understanding of each system and can select the best system for your particular budget, engine, and application. You'll also find exceptional guidance on the wide range of systems and kits available for the most popular modern V-8 on the market today.
144 Pages
Copyright 2010
18.95 + Shipping.

Item # 1112 SBCT
How To Build Chevy Small-Block Racing Engines
By Jeff Huneycutt
NASCAR Cup racing may get all the media attention, but more than 10,000 teams race every weekend at local circle tracks all across the country. If you are one of these racers, you want to win just as badly as any Cup race team. How To Build Chevy Small-Block Racing Engines is the perfect answer for any race team looking to find a competitive advantage. Through his connections, author Jeff Huneyutt, is in daily contact with many of the top engine builders in the stock car racing industry. He'll bring you all the tips and tricks you need to enhance the performance and reliability of your racing engine.
This is a great book for anyone interested in getting better performance and reliability from their Stock Racer.
23.95 + shipping.

Item # 1203 YSC
How to Paint Your Show Car
By Stefan R. Gesterkamp
How to Paint Your Show Car takes you through the concours paint process, from body filler and prep to dealing and preservation. Stefan Gesterkamp shares his 25 years of experience and also passes along the knowledge of fellow painters and collectors like Chip Foose and Jay Leno.
Copyright 2008
$21.95 + shipping.

Item # 1203 LS
Dyno-Proven LS1 thru LS7 Performance Parts
By Richard Holdener
Author Richard Holdener has filled this informative book with over 135 dyno tests and nearly 300 color photos to help you separate the power-building parts from the fluff. Chapters cover factory and aftermarket upgrades to the intake and exhaust systems, cylinder heads, camshaft, intake manifold, and even superchargers, turbos, and nitrous.
Copyright 2007
$21.95 + shipping.

Item # 1203 CSB
Chevy Small-Block V-8 Interchange Manual
By David Lewis
This informative book guides you through the myriad options for building a high-performance engine from factory parts and junkyard scores. It includes more than 25,000 part numbers, specifications, dates, and technical details on blocks, crankshafts, rods, pistons, heads, valves, manifolds, and much more. This revised edition also includes information on the LT1, LT4 and Vortec variants.
Copyright 2009
$19.95 + shipping.

#1712 5GEN
Camaro 5th Gen How to Build and Modify
Aimed at late-model Camaro enthusiasts, author Scott Parker shows step by step information on modifying your fifth-gen Camaro, including upgrade instructions on brakes, suspension, rear axles, intake, exhaust, cooling, fuel systems, transmissions, LS engine mods, superchargers, turbochargers, ECM tuning, aftermarket EFIs, and more. There is fierce competition on the street for modern muscle supremacy, This book will help keep your Camaro ahead of the competition.
Copyright 2016
$26.95 + Shipping.

Item # 1402 AEPP
Automotive Electrical Performance Projects
Softbound book by Tony Candela
Many books have covered EFI tuning, but this on explains how to actually install a complete aftermarket EFI system, including controllers injectors, and wiring. If you've been looking for guidance through a wide range of vital electrical upgrades, you've found it here.
192 Pages
Copyright 2011
19.95 + Shipping.

Item # 1402 BICS
How to Build Big-Inch Chevy Small-Blocks
Softbound book by Graham Hansen
In this fantastic book, author Graham Hansen takes a step-by-step approach to construct your big-inch Chevy short block. He also discusses how to select the best heads, cam, induction,, and exhaust system for a big-inch engine. Also included are seven different combinations for power, complete with dyno graphs.
This is a great book for those wanting to learn how to build big power from a small-block engine. 142 Pages
Copyright 2011
19.95 + Shipping.

Item # 1402 HTPS
How to Pinstripe
Softbound book by Alan Johnson
In How to Pinstripe, acclaimed veteran striper Alan Johnson teaches you everything you need to know to get started, understand how a good design comes together, and further your mastery of the form. In addition to a primer on the history and evolution of pinstriping, Johnson explains every step of the pinstriping process, in addition to stressing the importance of finding your own style and having fun with the hobby. Johnson also explains the basics of color theory and unique considerations for antique and classic cars, hot rods and customs, motorcycles, and much more.
158 Pages
Copyright 2007
19.95 + Shipping.

Item # 1406 NO2
How to Install and Tune Nitrous Oxide Systems
Softbound book by Bob McClurg
Veteran automotive author Bob McClurg discusses the latest components and explains the best methods of using Nitros Oxide. From the most basic add-on system, to building a complete engine to cope with a several-hundred horsepower hit. EFI wet and dry systems, the latest fogger systems, staged systems, and plate systems for carbs and EFI's are discussed.
144 Pages
Copyright 2012
17.95 + Shipping.

Item # 1706-SCCB
The Untold Story of Detroit's Secret Concept Car Builder
As America entered the post-war 1950s auto manufacturers were looking to build the most eccentric and extravagant cars of all time. Fierce competition between designers from GM, Ford, Chrysler, and independents such as Packard all turned to on car builder nestled firmly in America's bustling automotive mecca to help design the most elaborate prototype and concepts ever: The Creative Industries of Detroit. Author Leon Dixon's comprehensive account chronicles the greatest automotive achievements constructed by Creative Industries in this amazing190 page book featuring hundreds of rare photos of the coolest concepts ever.
This fantastic book will take you back to the golden era of automobiles.
32.95 + Shipping.

#1711 LS Swap
Swap LS Engines into Chevelles & GM A-Bodies.
Author Jefferson Bryant has performed many LS swaps throughout his career. In this comprehensive guide, he provides detailed step-by-step instructions for installing LS power into a Chevelle, Buick GS, Oldsmobile Cutlas, or Pontiac GTO.
142 pages - Copyright 2017
$22.95 + Shipping.

#1712 AWES
Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems Volume 2: Projects.
Author Tony Candela uses close-up photos and explanatory step-by-step captions detailing the installation of the most popular, functional, and beneficial upgrades for enthusiasts of varying skill levels. Projects included are maximizing performance of electric fans, installing electronic gauges, upgrading charging systems, and installing complete aftermarket wiring harnesses in amazing detail. This is a must-have if you are getting ready to tackle any wiring in your project car.
Copyright 2015

#1712 WLP
Weld Like a Pro.
Welding is an art and skill that's essential for automotive fabrication repair, and vehicle upgrades. Author Jerry Uttrachi, past president of the American Welding Society, shows you how to perform basic welding procedures with steel and cast iron. He also reveals advanced welding techniques and the use of aluminum, titanium, magnesium, stainless steel, and other specialty materials. Whether you are new to welding or a veteran working on a special project, you will find indispensible information within the pages of this book.
Copyright 2015

#1712 BMLS
How to Build and Modify LS Engines.
How to Build and Modify LS Engines by Author Joseph Potak, shows what modifications are needed to achieve any performance goal desired. Topics include block selection and modifications, crankshaft and piston assemblies, cylinder heads, camshafts, valvetrain, intake manifolds, fuel system, and header selection. This great book is the ultimate resource to build the ultimate LS engine.
Copyright 2009

#1712 CEC
How to Rebuild and Modify Carter/Edelbrock Carburetors
How to Rebuild and Modify Carter/Edelbrock Carburetors by Author Dave Emanuel, features updates reflecting the emergence of Edelbrock carburetors as the market today. This book contains over 300 photos, illustrations and diagrams, covering rebuilding, tuning and modifying Carter and Edelbrock carburetors. This is an essential book for those wanting to modify or understand your carburetor.
Copyright 2007
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