Roadkill Magazine Fall 2017

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This Issue Includes: The famous Roadkill Rotson; Wild Volvo’s from the Zip-Tie Drags; The Olympia Hemi-powered Charger once raced in the 24 Hours of Lemans brought back to life; 230-mph Toyota Land Cruiser; E. J. Kowalski and his old-school automotive stunt show; A look at the Dodge Demon SRT and a preview of the Hellcat Challenger, Jeep, and Charger; A Canadian wrecking yard full of junkyard gold; How to drive a sprint car; 3K Hooptie Challenge from Ohio; Driving a LS1-powered SVF1 modeled after a 1967 Ferrari F321 Formula 1 car; Blowing up and rebuilding a 1955 Chevy at the Mexican 1000; Roadkill Nation; New Cars We Like; Dulcich Quick Guide to Camshafts; The World of Roadkill, and a whole lot more.

Another great issue of the short-lived magazine molded after the hyper-popular Motortrend Television show.