American Muscle Supercars Hardcover Book

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American Muscle Supercars

In American Muscle Supercars – Ultimate Street Performance from Shelby, Baldwin-Motion, Mr. Norm, and other Legendary Tuners, talented photographer, author, and muscle car historian, David Newhardt, recalls the halcyon days of the muscle car boom when there was a small group of dealers and builders for whom even the massive horsepower available from the factories was just not enough. These innovators took matters into their own hands by modifying brand new cars to produce ridiculous amounts of power. Within the pages of this fantastically illustrated 192-page hardcover book, are eleven legendary supercar builders who left an indelible mark on the history of the American muscle car. You’ll see specially built cars by Yenko, Shelby, Hurst, Berger Chevrolet, Dick Harrell, Fred Gibb Chevrolet, Mr. Norm, Grand Spaulding Dodge, Baldwin-Motion, Tasca Ford, Dana Chevrolet, Nickey Chevrolet, and more.