November 1956 Car Craft

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Car Craft
November 1956
EX+ NM Condition - Magazine is complete with very minor cover wear and no noticeable creasing. The spine looks fresh from the printer and the pages are amazingly white for their age.
This Issue Includes: Custom plastic restyling kit for '49 - '50 Fords; "How I won Pikes Peak Hill Climb, by Jerry Unser Jr.; Home engine tune up - part II; Randy Chadock's Bantam coupe feature; Engine Swap - Chrysler V-8 in a Hudson Pacemaker; Robbie Martinez's '50 Olds custom feature; Norm's Auto Body restyles the '49-51 Merc; One piece Oldsmobile windshields for '49 - 52 Chevrolets and Pontiacs; Art Hannilals' 1955 Ford ragtop feature; Custom '55 - 56 Plymouth grille bars; Earl Baird's Chrysler-powered '33 Ford coupe feature; Customizing the Chevy - Part VII; Junior Flip cartoon; plus more cool, editorial, tech articles, and features.
This is a great issue that will make a nice upgrade to most any mini Car Craft collection.