Lions - The Greatest Drag Strip Vol 1 DVD

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Lions - The Greatest Drag Strip DVD
Lions Drag Strip was arguably the most famous drag strip in Southern California during drag racings celebrated Golden Era. If you've never been to Lions Drag Strip and wondered what it may have been like, then this amazingly informative documentary will put you in the front row of drag racing like it was meant to be. If you were there, then prepare for a mind-jarring trip down memory lane.
Drag Racing photojournalist - and now Lions Drag Strip historian - Don Gillespie does an excellent job of putting together some of the most incredible never-before-seen video and still footage of Lions from its inception up to the early '60s when drag racing was king of all motorsports.
Prepare to sit back and enjoy the best, and most informative, drag racing documentary ever put together on the subject.
WARNING: This DVD is highly addictive and may require many viewings per household.