Lions - The Greatest Drag Strip, Vol 2

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Lions - The Greatest Drag Strip, Part 2
Lions - The Greatest Drag Strip, part two covers Southern California's Lions Drag Strip in its wild and formative years - 1962 - 1966.
With the Nitro Ban lifted, the big, bad fuel machines returned to legendary drag strip. With C.J. "Pappy" Hart at the helm, quarter-mile racing's floodgates were spread wide open. This is the period when top fuel dragsters reached the 7-second zone. Racers like Don Prudhomme and T.V. Tommy Ivo were at the forefront of the action. Stockers went from carburetors to injectors, then alcohol and on to nitro. Local Jack Chrisman added a supercharger, then suddenly the Funny Car was born.
Witness the match-race craze between racers Tom McEwen and Don Prudhomme, and Stone Woods & Cooke VS. Big John Mazmanian.
It's all here on this amazing 1 hr and 40 minute DVD.
Relive Lions Drag Strip over and over again.