Overkill Magazine Fall 2013

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Overkill - Fall 2013
This is the second -annual issue of Overkill. Brought to you by the editors of Hot Rod magazine and Hot Rod Deluxe, this is sure to be an instant collector's item and a great addition to the inaugural issue. This Issue Includes: MikeBurrough's 1928 Model A Pickup feature; ;Gary Corn's 1956 Ford Vanette feature; Tim Grant's wild 1940 Ford pickup feature; Ryan Johnston's flame-throwing 1950 Buick feature; Richie Cockerline's one-of-a-kind Edsel-influenced hot rod feature; Todd Van Boekel's 1956 Chevy Gasser feature; Ryan Hamel's 1936 International pickup feature; Al Grooms' rat rod feature; Michael PartykaJr's 1931 Model A rat rod feature; Rick Miller's '29 Model A Pickup feature; Dave Shuten's 1934 Ford show car feature; Patrick Revette's 1929 Model A feature; Rodney Rucker's motorized stagecoach feature; George Antoline's 1930 Mode A feature; Greg Richardson's 1934 Dodge pickup feature; Kerry Coon's chopped and channeled 1927 Ford feature; plus more great "Overkilled" editorial and features.
This is the second issue of Overkill. It's sure to sell out, so pick it up while you can.