Roadkill Magazine Winter 2016a

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This Issue Includes: Mad Max Wasteland Weekend 2015; Hot Rod Drag Week – The Cars you didn’t see in Hot Rod magazine; Racing, Wrecking, and Engine Swapping a Historic 1957 Chevy During the NORRA Mexican 1000; The Race of Gentlemen; Extreme car testing from the Motor Trend archives; Cobra VS. Daytona; The Virginia City Hillclimb; The Off-RoadRunner Mad Max-style 1973 Road Runner; 10 Cool Cars for under 10K; Don Garlits profile; 4-year-old Lila Kalis and her Electric 36-volt brushless chain-driven Corvette; RoadKill Nation;RoadKill Skills; Mint – New Cars We Like; plus more great editorial from the crazies at RoadKill.

This is the second issue of RoadKill and is sure to sell out soon. Get this one while it lasts.