Rodder’s Journal Number Twenty Nine – Cover A

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Rodder’s Journal
Number Twenty Nine – Cover A
EX+ Condition – Magazine is complete with some very minor cover wear and no noticeable creasing.
This Issue Includes: Dressed to Kill – Paint completes prize-winning pickup; Rod and Customs gather in Austin; The return of Sam’s Merc and the Ala Kart; “Fat Jack” builds a ’39 convertible sedan; A Small Offy that Casts a Long Shadow – It’s only a quarter-scale model, but it actually runs; The Doyal Gammell Coupe – A strange, twisted, tale of a ’32 3-window and its many owners; The Mild Ones – Chevy and Olds customs; Hot Rod Retrospective – Ten years of our favorites; S. Co. T. superchargers for Flatheads, Crosleys, and OHV engines; plus more fantastic Rodder’s Journal editorial.
Here is one from the 10th Anniversary lot that will make a nice addition to your collection.