The Hot Rod Builder’s Handbook Magazine 1961

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The Hot Rod Builder’s Handbook Magazine

Good Condition – Magazine is complete with some use wear and minor creasing. The spine shows some average use-wear and is just a little bit loose. The pages are a bit yellowed mostly around the edges due to age, but are in excellent condition.

This twice-yearly issue includes: What’s wrong with east coast hot rodding; Raves’s Red Racer; The Chizler; Eddie Hill’s dragster; the Damfino dragster; Dave DiSano’s deuce coupe; Harry Davis’ 1933 Ford coupe; Mike Heim’s 1929 Model A roadster; Chrysler-Crosley coupe; Driveshaft and U-Joint tech; Proper valve sealing; Swapping a Cadillac engine into a 1955 Chevy; Swapping an Olds engine into a Stude; Customizing your Door Panels; Joe Gabriel’s 1950 Buick; Marvin Carter’s Henry J; Curtis Norman’s1951 Merc; John Hytchko’s 1956 Ford Victoria; plus more excellent technical  articles, features, and editorial.

This is an excellent piece of vintage Hot Rod magazine history.