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Customer Testimonials

"Thanks Nick, 

My Dad was a lifelong hot rodder, engine builder and race car driver. I grew up within earshot of the Fontana drag strip when Mickey Thompson ran the track. Good times. 

I really like all the vintage stuff.

Be safe,


"Love all you represent for the retro scene!"



You are doing a great job, keep up the good work! I like the fact the T shirts are Beefy T, good quality. Also I noticed your site is spruced up, looks good.

All the best,"


"Outstanding service! I received my order yesterday and couldn't be more pleased with both the product and the timeliness of delivery. I also really appreciated the extra decals you included!"


"Thank you for the products that you offer. I plan to order more in the near future."

Larry Landis

"Hello Nick,

All items arrived super fast and in good condition, which sadly, is unusual for USPS.  

HRD issues look like they came out of the warehouse.  Thanks for the SUPER SERVICE!"


"Hi Nick,

Thank you again for the products that you carry. I got hooked on the publication Overkill, even though the cars depicted don't fit what I like to build in model cars, I was missing one of the three publications, and you have provided it to me.

Thank you."

Lawrence Landis

"Hi Nick,

I hope your business is doing well.

Thanks for reaching out, it's great to hear from business owners; I wish you great success."

Fred Torres