August 1956 Car Craft Magazine

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August 1956 Car Craft Magazine

Good Condition – Magazine is complete with some minor cover wear and creasing. The spine shows some average use wear and the pages are in excellent condition and just slightly yellowed around the edges due to age.

This issue includes: Zephyr gears for Fords and Mercs; Brian Burnou’s 1953 Chevy Bel Air custom feature; Make yourself a tire cover; Engine Swap – OHV for ’49 - ’53 Fords; How to prepare your car for a paintjob; Vann’s Auto Body restyles the T-Bird; Augie Ozolin’s 1952 custom Ford feature; Customizing the Chevy – Part IV; Chevrolet V-8 Headers; Tony Frenn’s 1947 Ford ragtop feature; Grab Bag – Part II of the Grille special; Charlie Mann’s 1934 Ford coupe feature; Eugene Cargill’s 1948 Dodge custom feature; Junior Flip cartoon; plus more cool, editorial, vintage photos, and features.

A fantastic issue of Car Craft magazine from the golden era of hot rodding