August 2013 Hot Rod Magazine

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August 2013 Hot Rod Magazine

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This issue includes: Where it all began; Roddin at Random; Jim Busby’s road racer deuce coupe; Keith Charvonia’s chopped 1951 Kaiser; Rescued and rebuilt Cheverra; Dirt Track Chevelle test; Robert Walker’s Kellison J-6 funny car; 57 gearhead getaways; The Roadkill 1968 Ranchero goes to Alaska; Roadkill’s Willys; Behind the scenes at the dyno shop; Ford 8.8 scrounger’s guide; The Doomsday 1968 Impala – start to finish; How to weld titanium; Liquid hand cleaner test; Inside an expired top fuel engine; plus more excellent Hot Rod magazine editorial.

A great Hot Rod issue from the magazine that started it all.