July 1963 Popular Hot Rodding Magazine

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July 1963 Popular Hot Rodding Magazine

EX Condition – Magazine is complete with some minor cover wear and creasing. The spine shows mostly subtle use-wear and the pages are amazingly white for their age

This Issue includes: Hot Rodder’s Guide to the Chrysler “B” Engine; Coverage of the Kansas City Custom Show; A close look at Don Coleman’s three-wheeled dragster; “Jocko” Johnson’s Streamliner Dragster; 8 ways to hop up your car; A close look at the Flathead V-8; Pop Rods Gallery of Street Roadsters – Don Varga’s 1934, Ron Andregg’s 1927 T, Bill Barnett’s roadster, Rudy Hederia’s 1923, Rancier Ehlinger’s 1925, Vince Chellenge’s 1927, Charles Kirkorian’s “Emperor”, Betty Faust’s 1932, Buddy Parazoo’s 1927, Gary Hendrickson’s T, Kenny Clark’s 1931, Robert Bateman’s 1931, Bill Moore’s 1932, Alan Parker’s T, and more; Drag Testing the 427 Chevy Super Stock; Wheelstand pictorial; Gallery of Great Cars – Don Pritchard’s 1957 Chevy, George Butler’s Crosley dragster, Fred Teixeria’s 1935 Ford pickup, Bill Driscoll’s 1947 Chevy, Island Auto Parts dragster, Richard Johnson, Gary Ruthberg, and Terry Clairmont’s 1951 MG, Tim Ryan and Butch and Dave Cederquist’s Chrysler-powered Bantam, Jim Dunn, Dewey Merritt, and Henry Velasco’s Fiat-bodied A/Altered, Ted Wingate’s 1932 Roadster, and Phil Walker’s Anglia; Building the Big “Big T” Roadster by Darryl Starbird; plus more great tech articles, features, and editorials.

Just a fantastic PHR issue that will make a nice addition to your collection.