Winter 2013 Overkill Magazine From The Editors of Hot Rod

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Overkill - Winter 2013
This is the very first issue of Overkill. Brought to you by the editors of Hot Rod magazine and Hot Rod Deluxe, this is sure to be an instant collector's item. This Issue Includes: NASCAR's Clint Boyer's 1934 Chevy feature; Tim Morrison's open bucket feature; Rich Arnott's 1931 Ford coupe feature; Shawn Franks' 1938 Dodge Truck; Bob Larsons' Mixed-breed coupe feature; Rex Schimmer's 1929 Roadster pickup feature; Jason Livingston's 1965 Cadillac feature; Josh Flammer's 1932 Five-window Ford feature; Ron Hawley's 1936 Chevy feature; Todd Van Boekel's chopped and channeled Nash called Nasty Habit feature; Mark Cole's Rambler Ambassador feature; Alan Myers' chopped and channeled coupe feature; Steve Walthers' 1932 Ford coupe feature; Rustin Gough's 1923 T Roadster feature; Mike Allison's flathead-powered trike; Mike Hoffman's 1934 Ford feature; Jonathan Grant's bare-metal 1930 Ford coupe feature; Norm Brown's 1933 Ford pickup feature; plus more great "Overkilled" editorial and features.
This is the first issue of Overkill. It's sure to sell out, so pick it up while you can.