Rodder’s Journal Number Four – Cover A

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Rodder’s Journal Number Four – Cover A

NM-Condition – Magazine is complete, still in the wrapper with very minor cover wear and no noticeable creasing.

This Issue Includes: Road Trip photos from around the NSRA Nationals; Simard/O’Neil three-window coupe in bare metal; David “Beans” Kotuby’s 1933 Ford Coupe; Robert Williams artist profile; John Mumford’s 1934 Ford Roadster; Searching for hot rodding’s old shops in LA; Scrub Hansen’s 1940 Ford custom; Bob Bernardon’ Jolly Dolly 1939 Chevy coupe; The Kassa Coupe; A look back at San Francisco’s Great Highway racers; A look at the Buick Nailhead engine; plus more fantastic Rodder’s Journal editorial.

A fantastic, early issue in very collectible condition.