Rodder’s Journal Number Seventy – Cover A

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Rodder’s Journal Number Seventy – Cover A

NM Condition – Magazine is complete with very mild cover wear and no creasing.

This Issue Includes: Mickey Himsl’s 1929 Ford Pickup; A look at various Rodder’s Journal contributors garages; David and Deana Thomas’ 1935 Chevy coupe in bare metal; A Glimpse into cutaway artist David Kimble’s Career; Scott Gillen’s 1950 Ford coupe; Vintage photos from Half Moon Bay drag strip; Ken Klosterman’s 1939 Ford coupe; Victor Collin’s Kopper Kart 1955 Chevy Pickup; The Truth Behind Specialty Hot Rod Oils; plus more fantastic Rodder’s Journal editorial.

A fantastic issue of the one and only Rodder’s Journal that will make a nice addition to any collection.